Thursday, March 05, 2009

So anyone heard anything new about this Chris Brown/Rihanna thing?

So, we finally have some details on the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna situation, painting a picture that is likely to stay up for a little bit longer.

Me and my girl have been going back and forth on the subject the past few weeks now. She's squarely in Brown's corner, arguing that she probably did something to provoke his behavior. I've been on Rihanna's side, reasoning that regardless of the circumstance, right or wrong, you just can't leave your girl bleeding and unconscious on the side of the road for police to find her. Just don't do it homie!

We now have some more details on the incident: she found a text from another woman, flipped out, he apparently went berzerker and started hitting her while driving, an odd site to consider if you were to somehow be walking by and witness it ("hey, is that chris brown and rihanna beating each other up in a Lamborghini?"). The whole thing is just sad because human emotion is such a fragile thing.

I won't pass judgment on the boy because we are all innocent until proven guilty. Likewise, I won't drown myself in sympathy for Rihanna because in all relationships, there are right ways and wrong ways to deal with things. I'm merely a (rather distant) observer, awed by the sparks of this celebrity supernova.

I really just hope some sort of positive outcome reveals itself from all this, although I can't imagine what that could be right now. Sometimes the best thing is for everything to just go away on its own and let people heal. Given the colossal attention this thing is getting, that's the least likely scenario.

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