Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sledge Grits Band in NYC - Day 3

Editors Note: Special guest blogger Wendy Sledge, band mother for the Sledge Grits band, gives a quick report on the band's Wednesday morning performance on the "CBS Early Show."

When we got off the stage, we got a pretty amazing response. The girls are just so excited and happy. You couldn't see it on camera, but the whole studio enjoyed it.

At first the girls were nervous watching the other band, because they had choreography in their set. But I think we did alright.

We didn't expect (Kathy Sledge, a member of Sister Sledge and one of the panel judges) to be there, but we knew she has been one of the judges. It was exciting to see her there.

MiMi made (Kathy Sledge) cry. You know how she walked to the judges station during the performance? She started to cry. The cameras tried not to show that too much. Afterward, (Kathy Sledge) came up to us and gave the girls all hugs and said we did great.

I have to go now, we're at the airport. It's been a crazy day!

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