Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sledge Grits Band to sing gospel on CBS Early Show

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The four young girls sat anxiously in the KION television studios, dressed to impress, even though it was three in the morning.
Making their national television studio debut, the Sledge Grits Band of Salinas were up at 3 a.m. to learn they would be singing gospel music next week in front of a nationwide audience.
The girls appeared this morning on the CBS Early Show, the nationally televised morning news and variety program. Their spot was broadcast via satellite from the local CBS affiliate studios in Salinas.
All four members, Keiko, 14, Kariel, 12, "MiMi" 8 and Kelly Jo, 6, were up well past their bed time (or well before their alarm clock settings)to find out what genre of music they would perform on the show. Show hosts Harry Smith and Julie Chen spoke to the girls and their opponents, J4, a band of siblings from Tennessee.
Chen spun a wheel to pick which genre both bands would be performing. When it landed on gospel, both bands were jolted with excitement.
Sledge Grits Band has performed gospel music before.
“We love gospel music and it's been around our house since we were little,” said young Keiko, without the slightest hint of irony.
Their opponents are also pretty familiar with the style — their father is a pastor and a traveling gospel singer.
“Divine intervention,” cracked Smith.
The band will have five days to rehearse their song before heading out to New York City next week. On March 11, they will make their national television performance debut and vie for a shot at a recording contract with CBS.
Despite the early morning rise and seeming opponent disadvantage, the girls carried themselves with grace.
“We're confident,” said Keiko.
Without question.

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