Friday, March 20, 2009

El P vs. Tren Reznor/NIN = Whoa

Over on El-P's Twitter account (, he just dropped a few remixes produced by none other than Trent Reznor.
A link to three tracks is up on his twitter account right now. No telling how long they will stay up.
Of the three tracks, "Up All Night (survivalism mix)" has resonated the most with me so far. With throbbing, synthetic kick drums and scorching riffs, El's cutthroat verbiage bleeds into Reznor's chaotic web of guitars and computer bleeps. El's verses reach a crescendo leading into Reznor's panicked chorus that blends seamlessly into "Vesseltology."
I interviewed El about two years ago when his first collaboration with Reznor was released, on the album "Ill Sleep When You're Dead." El was really proud of the work and sounded pleased to have the relationship he had with Reznor. Glad to see that relationship has lasted and led to more dope music.

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