Friday, May 15, 2009

“Sam Burguesa & The Pixie Chicks” @ El Teatro Campesino

Playing @ El Teatro Campesino through May 31, "Sam Burguesa & The Pixie Chicks” is the latest offering from the good folx in San Juan Bautista.

I'm reviewing the play this weekend, going in with high expectations. Director Kinan Valdez and co. always put in good work. Press release below:

SAM BURGUESA AND THE PIXIE CHICKS is a hilarious, provocative, and original new musical now on the stage at EL TEATRO CAMPESINO. Set in the place where so much of the 21st century has been invented – the family garage! At the heart of it all is the touching story of a Mom trying to save her “genius” son from losing his ball bearings. Meanwhile, Sam plays with dolls, outrageously flirting and cavorting with the Pixies in his mind. A tale of boom and bust, with a happy ending!

So if you have ever had an adult child move back home into the garage, or if you have ever been a rebounding genius yourself (white, black, Asian, Latino or what-have-you), this is the show for you!

Come see the sexy Pixie Chicks dance and sing in living colors. Running weekends until May 31st at El Teatro Campesino Playhouse, 705 4th Street, in historic San Juan Bautista. Thursdays thru Saturday nights at 8pm, Sunday Matinee at 2pm.

¡Se Habla Español but the show is ALL IN ENGLISH!

For tickets, special discounts and more information call 831.623.2444 or visit

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