Thursday, May 14, 2009

Got more music than time...

The roll call for new albums on my list this week looks like this: "Wilco The Album," by Wilco, "Crime Pays" by Cam'ron, "Relapse" by Em, "Are You In Nike + Original Run" by De La Soul, "Brooklynati" by Tanya Morgan. That's not counting other recent stuff from P.O.S., Zion I, Asher Roth and G&E.
So basically, i gotta get my review game back up, but there's no way i'mma get through all of these. Anyone wanna do a guest review? No pay, but you get your words read by a couple hundred readers a day. Gotta be worth something, right? Holla back.

1 comment:

effujordan said...

Marc, I know exactly how you feel. You gotta throw "Blackout! 2" in the mix too, and that new Tanya Morgan album is topnotch. Are you hitting up Rock the Bells this year?