Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Bo-Pah!!!

She's barely 1/3 the legal drinking age, but she will knock out most drummers three-times her age.
Little Bo-Pah Sledge is 7 years old today, and "The Beat" would like to extend a hearty Happy Birthday to the best 7-year-old all-girls rock/funk band drummer in Monterey County! And we can't wait to see and her your growth on stage and record.
Oh, and Bo-Pah will celebrate with a big birthday bash Saturday at Giovanni's in Salinas. I'll be posting up my weekend roundup tomorrow with all the deets.

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Bluewendybear said...

Thanks Marc! We had a blast.. I will send some pictures to you soon:)

Bo-Pah says thank you for the Birthday shout out!