Friday, May 08, 2009

Mi Otro Yo (Whoa)

My fellow-fellow Teresa Annas hipped me to my other self. Apparently, I'm huge in Alaska. Who knew (besides Sarah Palin, of course).
The book review is for an actual book by an Alaskan poet named Marcos A. Cabrera.
To clear up any confusion, I'm known professionally as Marc Cabrera, but my government name is actually Marcos A. Cabrera. So this dude in Alaska is an impostor!
Actually, it's pretty funny and semi-thrilling to think there's another Marcos Cabrera out there spitting poetry.
I love the part where they say I, er, he, is “a student of the human condition.” So true.
I might even have to buy his — er, my — book to check it out. Stay tuned.

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