Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Karma Loop TV w/ GZA

It's been a minute since Chelsea from Karma Loop TV holla'd @ the beat, so I got a pleasant surprise today when she dropped this nugget featuring GZA of Wu-Tang Clan. 
In my bracket, I got GZA over Ras Kass in the first round, something I'm sure my boy Mike J wouldn't appreciate all that much. Sorry Mike J, even though this was a tough one, I had to go with GZA just based on his solo and group album work (although Rassy is nice, no doubt). 
Anyway, enjoy for now. 


Mike J said...

Yup, I already figured out you didn't vote for Rassy. I was gonna let it slide but now, since it's out there, C'MON MAN!!!! I mean, I'm not mad at GZA but why do we gotta chose between those two and HAMMER AND WILL SMITH in the first bracket. Doesn't seem fair. SIGH!!!!!! Oh yeah, wussup with that Nelly vote, man? LOL!

Thanks for the shout out!

Mike J said...

Oh yeah, that was a dope interview tho!