Thursday, May 20, 2010

TheSaurus vs. Dirtbag Dan scheduled for June 12 in Toronto

Locals hoping to catch the TheSaurus vs. Dirtbag Dan battle will have to step their passport game up.
Last week, Peninsula battle rapper TheSaurus announced he would battle South Bay rapper Dirtbag Dan June 12 in Toronto, as part of the King of the Dot league battle event. The bout was originally scheduled May 9 as part of the Grind Time Massacre of the Bay event.
Although it's taking place across the northern border, 'Saurus has a bit of a home field advantage. In March, 'Saurus defeated Canadian battle champ Hollahan for the "King of the Dot" title.
Above is a video of TheSaurus vs. Hollahan, when 'Saurus took the title belt.

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