Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rock The Bells 2010 Lineup announced: It's All About The Classics

I want to say it was the Pitchfork festival that initiated the trend of having bands perform full sets of their classic albums. That trend will be fully explored for this year's Rock The Bells festival.
Wu-Tang Clan will perform "Enter The 36 Chambers," Krs-One will perform "Criminal Minded," Rakim will do “Paid In Full” and Slick Rick will perform “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick.” All in their entirety and, I can only assume, in the original sequence they appeared in the album.
Which is exciting in a way, but also confounding in another. Yes, it will be awesome to see the Clan perform "Da Mystery of Chess Boxing" and "Bring Da Ruckus,” album cuts and singles that weren't as popular as other joints on the album.
But one thing that I can't help but question is whether this year's Rock The Bells is an old-school b-boy revue designed to rekindle some flame that may or may not merit rekindling.
But that's just me being meta-critical. I am glad folks like Yelawolf and The Clipse are on the bill.
Of course, this is just a preliminary line-up. The festival is known to add and subtract acts for different dates. Who knows who will show up when it rolls through the Bay Area on Aug. 22.
Stay tuned.

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