Thursday, June 04, 2009 coming to iPhone

Local upstart, a streaming radio station showcasing local musicians, will soon be available on your iPhone.
SR founder Mike Rodriguez recently Tweeted his station will be placed on the RadioTime directory ( and by extension, will be available on portable devices like the iPhone through Wunder Radio (, a streaming radio app. iPhone owners can download the Wunder Radio app from the iTunes store (costs $5.99) and then find from the RadioTime directory. Then you'll be able to hear your favorite local bands on your iPhone. Pretty cool.
EDIT: Got word from Mr. Rodriguez himself that “users can listen in for free on their iPhone without the WunderRadio application by downloading the free ShoutCast application and searching for us. :)” (that emoticon was courtesy of him, not me).

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MikeTheTech said...

You know me and my emoticons. ;)

Thanks for letting your readers know the good news about us being featured in RadioTime and WunderRadio.

I'll be sure to keep you informed on the latest and greatest over here, we should have a pretty big surge of new bands coming up, not to mention the amounts of listeners we've been getting lately. :)

- Mike Rodriguez