Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Listen To My Voice! with Chino XL

“The Beat” podcast is back with lyrical legend Chino XL. Talking with Chino was a real interesting experience. This guy is one of the most fierce MC's breathing, and to hear him open up on all things hip-hop was a pleasure.
This is a guy that KRS-One personally acknowledged as one of the illest on the mic. Heavy duty stuff. Chino was real open on when he first made a serious impact on the scene, '96, after his single "No Complex" hit with a bang.
He's since carved a nice career as an actor and writer (he did some stuff recently with The MTV Movie Awards).
Of course, he's still a beast on the track. His new album, "The Rican-Struction," is scheduled for a September release. Take that suckas!

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