Monday, February 23, 2009

SoMoCoCAT Video

The South Monterey County Center for Arts and Technology (SoMoCAT) is off and running. It's an effort to bridge the digital divide in South County, where residents don't have a whole lot of access to digital media technologies. Pretty cool stuff.

Here's a quick note from Megan Heath, who is helming the effort:

Please check out the progress of our SoMoCoCAT Pilot Program, the Dare to Dream "I Video!" digital storytelling workshop for South County teens. We posted a video on the SoMoCoCAT website that we made during the first day of class on February 14th: Please note it's very rough but it was just a class exercise that was designed to introduce the workshop participants to the basics of video.

Our second meeting was Saturday, the 21st and we gave workshop participants Flip Videos mini camcorders to take home with them for the week to shoot their video. The theme of the video is, "What would you like the world to know about living in Soledad?" I can't wait to see what they come up with when we meet this Saturday! when we will start editing what they shot.

Stay tuned for the video we made during the second day of class last Saturday.

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