Thursday, February 05, 2009

300 Posts and Running...

Yeah, this here marks my 300th Post, which I might have celebrated some time ago but now, seems like not that big a deal.

First off, I've been doing this blog for more than three years, which averages out to less than 100 blogs a year, not bad, but not great.

Second, my boy John Devine has accumulated 300 blog posts in less than a year. Granted, he has a wider net with sports, local and national, plus he crams like 12 hours of work into his daily 8-hour shift, while I have a little more time to craft my stuff as a features writer, but the 300 mark is not that big a deal compared to JD's blog grind.

Mainly, I'm just happy to still be here with a job and doing what I love to do, so 300 posts is a sort of meaningful milestone, but I plan on passing 400 and 500 by the end of the year, so I'll hold off on celebrating.

On a brighter note, this month marks one whole year that "The Beat" has been published in print, which I will have to acknowledge somehow someway in the paper. Hip-hop-hooray for that one!

Oh, and before I go, here's the latest video from Cam'ron. Pretty funny, and I know folks can relate in this economic climate.

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Lisa Mitchell said...

Actually, Marc, John passed 400 yesterday. No pressure! ;-)