Monday, February 09, 2009

Reason I love crazy white boys pt. 1 — Incredibad "I'm On A Boat" and "Santana DVX"

I keep my Xicano pride credentials on full display at all times, but I can't front, I've always been down with the white boys. And I know I sometimes get in trouble when I talk like this, but it's just true.
I got a few reminders of why crazy white boys have always held a soft spot in my heart this past weekend. Yay Area representatives Incredibad (the hip-hop group created by the Lonely Island comedy troupe, aka Andy Samburg's crew) unveiled their latest digital short, "I'm on a Boat" on SNL this past Saturday.
Only funny crazy white boys (from here on out referred to as FCWB's) would think to A) rap about the intrinsic dopeness of yachting, and B) invite T-Pain along to sing auto tuned on the hook.
For added gangsta, I'm including a link to a leaked song on their upcoming album, "Santana DVX." Leave it up to the FCWB's to rap about Carlos Santana's sparkling champagne (I'm Mexican, and I didn't even know this stuff was out there. Shame on me) and invite E-40 to rap about it!

Incredibad ft/ E-40 - "Santana DVX"

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