Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy's Post-Game Report

Watched most of the Grammy's last night, although I admit I flipped between that and "Nitro Circus" (review of that shortly as well). Here are some random thoughts, in random order of appearance last night:

- Kinda hard to watch some of it last night knowing Chris Brown and Rhianna were going through some sort of drama. That's just sad news all around.

- I was a disappointing 1 for 4 in my Grammy picks, but I'm happy Adele took home best new artist. I should have known that Krauss and Plant would win the geezer vote.

- Plant looked like the dirty tio hugging and kissing Miley Cyrus (twice!) and Taylor Swift on stage.

- That whole "Rap Pack" thing, with TI, Jay, Kanye and Wayne throwing down in black and white looked off. The tuxes were retro enough, we didn't need the tint filter on screen for half the performance.

-Glad M.I.A.'s water didn't break during the show. My girl insisted she would only look about four months pregnant on stage, because none of those starlets want to gain sixty-plus pounds during their pregnancy. M.I.A. looked pretty big, and that lady bug outfit didn't really do her no favors, but you gotta give her an A+ for effort, she was throwing down with the guys like nothing.

- I apologize for that previous assessment of M.I.A.'s outfit. Geez, I'm sounding like an E! blogger or something.

- Neil Diamond was up there winning! Holding it down for all the aged rock stars who look like your high school biology teacher.

- It was nice to see Adele up there singing as well, but she kinda got murdered on her own song by that Sugarland girl. She handled it well enough, thankfully.

- My girl was kinda arguing with me at the moment, so I didn't really get to listen to Jay and Chris Martin duet on "Lost." Jay looked stiff the whole night, sporting the b.b. mini-fro and looking like your wise but mean uncle. I'm still excited for "Blueprint 3" though.

- Most of the performances were pretty underwhelming. Save for Radiohead, who just blow me away every time I see them perform live (although I've yet to see them in person. That will have to change eventually).

In case you didn't catch it, here's their performance.

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