Friday, January 16, 2009

On the recent violence in Salinas

What good are words when violent pronouncements of madness mute resolve?

My town is a war zone right now, and I'm beginning to question whether there is any good left, whether we have completely lost our resolve.

Last night, Salinas suffered through three separate shootings, one dead, five injured. The new math is all to familiar to my fellow Salinas residents.

I'm left with the sense that words are no good where bullets are exclamation points, where resolve is blocked off by yellow police tape and silent victims.

I'm hurt and angered and fearful and numb and with few words. Enough is enough. This is no longer acceptable in my community.

The O.G.'s and veteranos need to step up and do something. This is no longer a job for the police or the mayor. They are ineffective. It's up to the gang leaders themselves to figure out what's worth dying for.

All I know is that I'm sick of it all, and words are useless at times like this.

Below is the link to the KSBW interview with Mayor Dennis Donohue. Dennis is a good guy, but this may be too much for him. Let me know what you think.

Quick edit: I usually reserve comment on the TV news folks because they're our comp and all, but Dan Green kinda went in on Donohue during that interview. I'm cool with the mayor and all, but I gotta give props to Danny Boy, way to do us journos proud and step your game up.

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