Friday, January 30, 2009

Kinetic Poetics Project @ UC Santa Cruz this weekend

There's a whole lotta-lotta poetry going down this weekend @ UC Santa Cruz, where the Kinetic Poetics Project, the campus's annual spoken word poetry festival, is going down, Feb. 1-4. Included in the mix are four nights of spoken word at the Porter College Dining Hall.

Above is a clip of Buddy Wakefield, a really bad ass poet featuring Monday night. For full info, go to

Here's the info I was able to snag from their YouTube site at

Kinetic Poetics Project
Feb. 1 - Feb. 4
8 pm
Porter Dining Hall, UCSC
all shows free! (donations requested)
Feb. 1
Featuring the Spilljoy ensemble,
four of the youngest and hottest molotov cocktails exploding against the walls between us.Utterly life-affirming. Absolutely unforgettable. Including, composed of, and not limited to Danny Sherrard (2007 National Indi champ), Shira Erlichman (1983 Professional Kitten Wrestler), Jon Sands (2007 NY LouderArts team), and Ken Arkind (2006 National Champ with team Denver).

Feb. 2
Featuring Buddy Wakefield,
2004 World Champion, 2005 National Champion, fresh off of a tour with Ani DiFranco. This man, born to a guitar repair woman and prone to playing marbles in trees, is known or delivering raw, rounded, high vibration performances of humor and heart.

Feb. 3
Featuring Verbobala Spoken Video:
Verbobala es un proyecto artistico de colaboracion binacional. Verbobala crea performances bilingues que confrontan los conceptos tradicionales de los fronteras internacionales y los generos artisticos.

Feb. 4
Featuring Salt Lines: Andrea Gibson, Sonya Renee, Tara Hardy, and Denise Jolly. Unapologetically feminist, Salt Lines speaks with silenced voices that were meant to be heard. Few artists are as articulate and inspired as these four women.

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