Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Snoop drives soccer mom's wild on "OLTL"

Assesing Snoop Dogg's performance last week on “One Life to Live” — it was kind of like watching a real-life celebrity make an appearance as an animated characeter on “Scooby-Doo” or “The Simpsons.”
Snoop showed up at a bachelorette party held in a nightclub. He followed up a stripper. He hit the stage and a dozen or so soap opera housewives screamed “Snoop!” like teeny-boppers at a Miley Cyrus show. The stripper looked confused.
He wore a brown leather outfit and shades. My mom's reaction: “He looks like a Pimp!” Which, I guess, is the point — Snoopy the Pimp relied on his faux-mack image to win over the hearts of suburban soccer moms the world over. I wonder how many middle-age moms picked up their kids the next day at school bumping “Sexual Seduction,” the song he performed on the show.
None of this would have caught my attention were it not for the “controversy” surrounding Snoop's appearance at the Monterey Music Summit. Although I was once a devout OLTL folower (long, boring days of summer vacation mixed with my mom's programming the vcr to record her soapies made me a fan by default), there's no reason for me to watch now. Snoop's appearance provided a weird, brief re-entry point.
At the end of his song, Snoop offered a contrite “What It Do, Landview” to the screeching crowd. I wonder how he'll greet the Monterey crowd ("Orale Monterey?"). The soccer mom crowd might eat it up.

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