Friday, May 02, 2008

Listen To My Voice! with El Vez

El Vez, The Mexican Elvis, is not your typical Elvis impersonator.

Not a whole lot of Elvis impersonators would reference The Zapatistas in their lyrics, or turn a James Brown anthem into a pro-Chicano crowd pleaser (“I'm Brown and Proud”).

Mixing musical mash-ups with Vegas cheese and Pro-Chicano messages, El Vez is a prolific, profound entertainer who mixes performance art with classic American rock, seamlessly.

His real name is Robert Lopez, and over the phone he's an eloquent, funny, easy-going Chicano who can turn it on with one lip curl. He talked with ‘The Beat’ about his work and his upcoming performance May 8 at the World Theater at CSU-Monterey Bay. For more info, visit, or go to

**Note: You will have to push pause on the player for the Ben Kenney podcast two entries below to listen to the El Vez interview properly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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