Friday, May 23, 2008

Listen To My Voice! with Keak Da Sneak

Keak Da Sneak is the voice of The Bay, a gravel-toned, jagged-edged, smoked-too-many- Newports-growing-up- in-Oaktown growl that cuts through the track like a diamond slicing a pane glass window.
Since his debut with the late '90s Oakland group 3XCrazy, Keak has maintained a strong foothold in the Bay Area rap scene. Like Busta Rhymes stepping away from Leaders of the New School, Keak left the group to pursue solo success, using his distinct voice and ultra-smooth persona to carve his lyrical niche.
After years of grinding on the underground circuit and stellar features on other artists songs, Keak broke through in 2004 with the regional sensation “Super Hyphy.” The song, a sexy, catchy, side show carinval-ride jingle, was ubiquitous on Bay Area radio stations, and catapulted Keak to solo stardom. He followed that up with a high-profile appearance on E-40's jam “Tell Me When To Go,” a regional anthem that garnered national attention.
While Keak was riding high on his public profile, his contract ties with various independent labels prevented him from capitalizing on his success. More than two years after the “Tell Me When To Go” jump-off, Keak is just now releasing a solo album.
“Deified” is a collaboration-heavy, full-length album that finds Keak in his lane, mixing gritty street rhymes with party jams over fierce beats. Of course, there's always that voice, which is a force of its own on record and over the phone.
Keak talked to “The Beat” about his new album and representing the Bay Area on a national level. “Deified” drops June 10.

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