Thursday, August 05, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Mistah FAB, Too $hort, and Keak da Sneak interviews

The Bay Area Bash featuring an all-star lineup of artists comes to The Fox Theater in Salinas Saturday night.
To mark the occasion, I thought I'd share links to past interviews I've done with some of the performers scheduled for the event. Follow the links below.

Mistah FAB

I interviewed Fabby Davis Jr. in January 2007, around the time "Ghost Ride The Whip" was making its impact and Fabby was set to blow. Fun fact: Fabby's manager, Seaside Stretch, is originally from the Peninsula. Link
Link: Mistah FAB Q&A. (transcript)
Link: Mistah FAB Santa Cruz show review.

Too Short

My March 2008 interview with Too $hort was dope because I got to ask him about specific trends he set in his career, like being the first rapper to retire and then un-retire, and using rumors of his death to help market his album. Very insightful. And Short just sounds cool as hell on the phone.

Link: Too Short Q&A (audio and transcript).

Keak Da Sneak:

A really nice interview from May 2008. Keak was up front about his frustrations with recording contracts and his inability to capitalize on the success of "Tell Me When To Go."

Link: Keak da Sneak interview (audio)

Dem Hoodstarz:

One of my first big Q&A interviews from June 2006. Dem Hoodstarz were very fun, sharing a whole lot of energy during this conversation.

Link: Dem Hoodstarz interview (transcript).

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