Tuesday, April 13, 2010

“Lopez Tonight” bump should be for the better.

George Lopez has officially welcomed Conan O'Brien into the TBS late-night talk show fold with open arms.
Lopez made his opinion public on his show, “Lopez Tonight,” after it was announced Monday that O'Brien had signed a deal to launch a new late-night show on TBS sometime in the fall. O'Brien had previously hosted “The Tonight Show” on NBC before leaving amidst controversy in February.
Lopez, who owns a home in Pebble Beach, was vocal in his support of O'Brien's show coming to TBS. The move will place O'Brien's show at the 11 p.m. slot currently occupied by Lopez's show "Lopez Tonight.” Lopez's show will move to midnight.
According to the Los Angeles Times entertainment blog, Lopez announced Monday night on his show that he was “completely, 100% on board” for the move.
It's a great move for both parties. O'Brien will get a chance to indulge in the looser-boundaries of basic cable, where his talents won't be so boxed in as opposed to the stricter guidelines of network television.
Lopez could be the real winner. He gets a great lead-in from O'Brien that will only add to his already loyal following.
Although some Lopez fans will be irked by the change, the fact that Lopez has already proclaimed his approval of the move is a positive sign.
Now, I honestly can't wait to see if O'Brien and Lopez will team up for some promotional spots in the near future. To borrow from the TBS motto, that's funny.

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