Thursday, April 29, 2010

La Esquinita USA by Ruben Gonzalez, now playing at El Teatro Campesino

I didn't take notes during the performance, so this is not a review.
Instead, consider this an endorsement for “La Esquinita USA” written and performed by Ruben Gonzalez and now playing at El Teatro Campesino.
Gonzalez's piece is ambitious and complex in its narrative thread. He plays all 12 of the characters in the play, using spare props and costume changes to individualize each one.
There is a lot of insider-ism that can get lost in Gonzalez's rapid-fire delivery. This can be challenging to the audience, but in a good way.
What holds it all together is Gonzalez's investment in each character, carefully crafted with individual traits and characteristics that get you hooked.
“La Esquinita USA” is like a hellish version of the townspeople of Springfield from “The Simpsons.”
Gonzales's gift is his ability to orchestrate the town's characters in a seamless rhythm.
I recommend you go see the show.

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lil ashley said...

This was an excellent play. I would recommend people of all backgrounds to see it.