Friday, October 14, 2011

Dustin Lance Black on his Monterey County ties @ Carmel Art & Film Festival

Matthew Modine, Dustin Lance Black, Clint & Dina Eastwood @ Carmel Art & Film Festival

My quick chat with Dustin Lance Black Friday night @ CAFF:

What are your ties to the area:
I moved here to go to high school. My family was at Fort Ord when Fort Ord used to be here. So I went to North Salinas High School. 
My only connection to Carmel was I used to lose in the swim meets to Carmel High School.
I graduated from North Salinas High School. I went all four years. I graduated in 1992.

What's it like to preview your film close to home?
This is a special treat. I didn’t know we’d have the opportunity to show the film in my hometown. I didn’t have that opportunity with “Milk” until far later. It will be good to see it with the home team backing me up. And I think this will be a great audience for it.

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