Monday, October 10, 2011

Conspiracy Theory? "True Bromance" film on Condoleezza Rice to screen Oct. 15 @ CAFF

Depending on who you ask, the comic farce “True Bromance” either was or wasn't threatened with being pulled from the Carmel Art & Film Festival.
As it stands, the film will screen at 6 p.m. Saturday at the All Saints Theater in Carmel.
Over the weekend, the film's director Sebastian Doggart issued a press release saying the film was being pulled under pressure from Condolleeza Rice.
The former Bush Administration Secretary of State is the film's subject/target.
“This has all the hallmarks of Rice or her cronies scaring the film festival into pulling the screening,” Doggart said in the press release.
Festival communications director Shannon Damnavits said that simply was not the case.
“We have never heard from Condoleezza Rice or any extreme right wing entitiy to pull the film,” said Damnavits. “We are not going to break under any pressure (to pull a film).”
A conversation between Doggart and festival organizers settled the matter.
“We're here to support and endorse the filmmakers,” said Damnavits, “Not to restrict them.”

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