Monday, September 14, 2009

Racist Backlash: This Kanye thing is getting carried away now...

After the jump, I posted a YouTube video with a collection of the racist comments people have been Tweeting in the aftermath of Swift/West-Gate. WARNING: It's very offensive, possibly NSFW.

It's also a really sad commentary on our post-Obama society.

Personally, I'm offended, but it's still useful knowledge: people are not and never will be afraid to express their racism and hatred in full view of the public. Just give them a reason and they'll oblige.

I'mma fall back on my Kanye-bashing for a second because this is pretty sobering.

Credit Rob Harvilla of Village Voice for the o.g. post, and Breihan for Tweeting the link.

Damn, this is just sad people.

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