Thursday, July 16, 2009

Video: Sledge Grits Perform live @ Monterey Blues Festival

The lovely young ladies of the Sledge Grits Band serve up some proper goodness on this clip, posted by momma Wendy Sledge earlier this week.

My favorite parts, other than Mimi's wonderful singing and Keiko's absolute shredding on the guitar and Kariel's silky smooth bass playing — little Bo-Pah's tiny head barely visible above her drum kit, her curly locks balancing a miniature tiara on top.

Another highlight: the ladie's voice at the end asking "how old is the drummer," and a response from I'm assuming Daddy Sledge “She's 7.”

The girls are going on a pretty ambitious tour of Monterey County Free Libraries, playing three libraries a day over the next two weekends. Check their revamped MySpace page ( for all the info.

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Monterey Bay Pacific Coast LifeStyles Network said...

Interesting post about the girls.
I can't help but woner what there future plans in music are?
I wish them all the best.

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