Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sledge Grits Band making moves

Just got off the phone with "Momma" Wendy Sledge for the Sledge Grits Band, and she shared some exciting (albeit spare) news.Looks like the band is set to meet with some So-Cal agents shortly, and plans are in the works to make the Sledge sistas a household name.
Of course, nothing is confirmed at the moment, and Momma Sledge was under a strict confidentiality agreement not to give any further details, but it's all exciting and redeeming at once.
Of course, the band was robbed (IMO) earlier in the year when they didn't make the second round of the CBS Morning Show's "Singing Family" competition. But the national television appearance did give them some much deserved exposure, and potentially laid the groundwork for them to be freed up for a more solid opportunity.
Who knows, maybe this turns into one of those Jennifer Hudson/Chris Daughtry deals, where losing the contest actually works to their benefit because they aren't bound to some contract stipulation. In any event, the girls are on the move, and we'll be watching.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, that is indeed the girls with Luda in the above picture. Killin' 'em out there!

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