Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tech N9NE, MURS coming to Salinas

Can't say I'm a big fan, but it's definitely worth noting that KC's own Tech N9NE is heading our way next month. He'll play May 10 at Fox Theater in Salinas, part of his Sickology 101 Tour.

Whether you like his stuff or not, you absolutely have to respect Tech N9NE's hustle. He's been doing it DIY style for a long time now, and is in that range of troubadour MC's like Andre Nickatina and Atmosphere, artists who have gained a strong following through relentless touring. His style is grimy and full of hardcore imagery, sometimes violent, sometimes derogatory, but unique and energized.

He was announced as one of the artists on the Rock The Bells tour, where he'll share a stage with the likes of Sage Francis and Eydea & Abilities. Somehow he fits right in with them.

Also coming along for the ride is none other than MURS, which is definitely a trip. I don't know how these guys came together on a tour, but it'll be cool to see MURS in town. Well have to hook something up for an interview. Stay tuned.

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