Thursday, April 30, 2009

Graf Exhibit in Salinas, Joint Venture in Monterey, tomorrow

So there's a bunch of cool stuff going on tomorrow in MoCo, just to let you know.

First off, the folks at @risK Gallery in Chinatown, Salinas, are hosting the "Wild Style" exhibit, where they will break down graf art and show some of their latest creations. @risK is hosting the exhibit, which was designed by students in the Urban Art Youth Program, a function of the Franciscan Workers outreach group, and their after-school program is designed to help young people get in touch with the arts. Program starts at 4 p.m. @risk is located on 10 Soledad St. in Salinas.

Second, Joint Venture, the hip-hop crew you known and love reppin' for Pacific Grove, is performing at 9 p.m. at East Village Coffee Lounge in Monterey. $5 at the door. I'll probably drop in to check it out and perhaps get up and spit a verse. More info at their myspace,

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Mike J said...

Thanks for the love and for comin thru Marc!