Monday, December 15, 2008

Kanye West performs "Love Lockdown" on SNL

Kanye West - Love Lockdown - SNL - 12/13/2008
by 3030fm
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Watching this live, I was left with a few impressions:
- What's up with that hair style? Someone @ compared it to Elvin from the Cosby Show. It's pretty busted, no matter which way you slice it. My girl kept commenting on how busted 'Ye is looking in general on this. Not that I'm trying to check him out, but I gotta agree.
- Auto tune just doesn't sound right live. Some of it sounded distorted, and at least a few times sounded straight static-y.
- The "Glow In The Dark" tour screens looked alright on that small stage, but I think the lighting could have been tweaked a little better. It definitely didn't have the same effect as when I saw it live in May.
- 'Ye's singing in general was a bit off this time around. When he debuted the song at the VMA's, I remember it being a little tighter. Of course, it was a bigger stage so I'm sure that had to affect his performance. Although the verdict's still out for me on "808's and Heartbreaks," I'm pretty amped to see him perform some of these songs live in an arena. They seem suitable for a big concert performance. Overall, his SNL performance fell a bit short, but only because I'm just holding him to such a high standard these days.

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