Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The End of "Rap City"

So Rap City is coming to an end. Read the story below from for the details.

I guess it's about time, since they shifted the show's time slot around and I didn't even know when it was on anymore. Plus, I couldn't tell you the name of the hosts since Big Tigger left.

At it's peak, Rap City was daily appointment television for me during my teen years leading into college. I grew up watching it during the Prince DuJour into Joe Clair/Big Lez era. I followed it until shortly before Tigger left.

During high school, they would show a lot of different videos and artists that didn't get play on MTV at the time.

Probably the coolest thing they introduced was "The Booth," where rappers would go into the recording booth and spit "freestyles," usually pre-written joints that weren't recorded on albums to that point.

Eminem and Jo Jo Peligrino (!) were some of my favorite booth moments. I remember Prodigy doing a really lazy verse, looking and sounding like he was stoned out of his mind. Cam'ron also had a really good booth sesh.

There are no real definitive Rap City moments, unlike, say, Yo MTV Raps, which had tons of classic moments. Rap City simply brought hip-hop into the mainstream with its consistency. Unfortunately, at some point, they started playing the same 5 videos over and over again.

The one moment I do remember vividly is the first time I saw Puff and Mase's "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down" video. They played the video non-stop. That was when hip-hop jumped the shark.

Anyway, peace to Rap City. I'm going to miss it, sort of.

Popular hip-hop music video program “Rap City” has ended its run on BET after 21 years on the network.

While SOHH first heard about the rumor last week, BET has announced the official word on their website earlier today. According to their Sound Off blog, “Rap City” will be replaced by “The Deal” hosted by DJ Diamond Kutz.

The new hour long series will consist of old and new elements from “Rap City.” Hip-Hop videos will continue to play but now they will be accompanied by pop-ups with facts on the given artist/song. The Booth, which was a staple on “Rap City” for artists to showcase their freestyle skills, will also remain a segment on the new series.

More than just a place for hip hop videos, Rap City gave fame to several hosts throughout the years, the first of which was Chris Thomas in 1989. He was followed by Hans Dobson, Prince Dejour and Joe Clair who debuted as host in 1994. Leslie Segar (a.k.a “Big Lez”) shared hosting duty with Clair from 1994 to 99.

The series evolved to “Rap City: Tha Basement” in September of 1999, with host Big Tigger. Mad Linx, J-Nicks and DJ Q45 all held short lived stints in the last three years.

BET has plans to run a “Rap City” finale but a date for the special has yet to be announced. “The Deal” premieres on BET on November 10th.

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TONE+Chef said...

First TRL and now Rap City. It won't be song before until the station closes its doors on 106 & Park. Oh well. Helllooo, YouTube.