Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All Hail The Chief (Rocka)

I wrote a poem called “The Basics” in which I predicted “by the year 2030, our nation's president will have most likely listened to old school rap, will most likely have rocked Polo or Cross Colours, and will most likely be explaining to the press that he not only inhaled the blunt, he mixed the gin and juice at the party that night, yo.”
So maybe I was off by 22 years, and there's no quantifying the last part of that stanza, but make no mistake, Barack Obama is our first hip-hop presidential candidate.
Which is why one day walking out of a Giants game in July, I purchased an Obama '08 hat from a street vendor hawking wares for five buck a pop. It wasn't because I was swept up in Obamania, but more because, well, the irony was too good to pass up.
The hood had already embraced you boy Barack. You know you've arrived when they're bootlegging your gear.
But this is a pivotal moment in the rap stratosphere because there is a candidate that folks can relate to. Skin color has a lot to do with it, no doubt. He's also been getting co-signed by a coterie of rap notables for some time now.
Jay-Z has name dropped Barack in several rhymes and used his image on stage during a recent world tour. Slug of Atmosphere performed on the David Letterman show rocking an Obama tee. You can go as far back as Jadakiss name dropping the Illinois senator on the hit single “Why.”
So tomorrow night, when the delegates at the Democratic National Convention run their roll call and nominate Obama as the Democratic Presidential candidate, what should be bumping out of the sound system at Invesco Field to solidify his status as the hip-hop prez?
I've read one blogger suggest "Pump It Up" by Joe Budden, which wouldn't be a bad deal.
I have a few ideas. “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls would suffice, with it's opening line of “It was all a dream..” and the catchy chorus (“You knew very well, who you are/...a superstar”)
Biggie might be too hardcore for the demos, so maybe we ease the gangsta persona but still keep it a little rough with LL Cool J “Momma Said Knock You Out” aimed at John McCain and the Bush regime. That will rally the troops.
Still too much?
Well, if we're trying to maintain wholesome family values while still keeping it a little hood, then the obvious choice would be a remake of the classic “Eric B for President” to “Barack O for President” by Rakim.
What could possibly be more fly than Barack, standing at the podium with 75,000 screaming supporters at his beck and call, and the God MC Rakim Allah steps up rocking a bootleg Obama hat and rearranged lyrics.
“He came in the door/He said it before/the oval office never seen a prez so hardcore...”
It's gonna happen, 22 years ahead of what I had scheduled.

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