Tuesday, April 08, 2008

RIP Almighty Aziz

News of the death of Aziz Howard Raqmond James, aka Almighty Aziz, is slowly starting to surface. James was shot to death early Saturday morning by Santa Clara Police.

San Jose Mercury News has posted a breaking news story on its web site. You can view it here.

Further details can be found on a topix.com forum about the story. Although there is no confirmation that people posting on the forum are reliable sources, the discussion has been pretty intense. You can view that here.

Aziz was a member of the Ineffable Records camp, as well as a part of the group Warlordz. He was a solo artist from Santa Cruz. All three have separate myspace pages you can view. Aziz's page was at www.myspace.com/almightyaziz

Bless the dead. Respect to the family and friends of the departed.

Respect also to the officers involved in the unfortunate tragedy. No one wins in a situation like this.

La Paz

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