Friday, April 18, 2008

An Earth Day Rap

A simple rap poem for Earth Day, which is Tuesday. Enjoy.

With so much drama in the world today/
It seems we all need to celebrate earth day/
I know it sounds corny in so many ways/
But have you taken time to hug Mother Earth today?

I'm not trying to preach or teach a class/
I'm not trying to say that these days are our last/
I'm just trying to say we need to think real fast/
Pretty soon it'll be $20 for a gallon of gas/

Got to school yourself on carbon emissions /
Holes in the ozone and unhealthy conditions/
Energy consumption vs. ecological systems/
Got to save the trees, can't continue to diss 'em/

If you have the means ride a bike to school/
Walk to the store or set up a car pool/
Recycle everything, that would be real cool/
Might save you some money in the long run too

There's things you can do at home on the low/
Plant your own garden, set up a compost/
Buy local produce from the Central Coast/
The Salad Bowl of the world has plenty to host

And if you're clocking dough you can go real big/
Invest in a gas-saving car Hybrid/
Solar panels can help you save some large ends/
Do it for the earth, not because it's a trend

Because we all owe it to the next generation/
Look at all the damage that the kids are facing/
There's only one earth with no replacement/
Help your grandchildren by making a statement

And before I go, One more thing to say/
Don't wait for tomorrow because the time is today/
Please do your part and find a new way/
I know it sounds corny, but everyday is Earth Day

Peace and I'm out.

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