Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Brothers Gonna Work It Out: Kanye, Knievel End Beef

I'm really, really glad Kanye "Evel Kanyevel" and the real Evil Knievel settled their beef over Kanye's video for "Touch The Sky." I was not looking forward to a Knievel diss track or mix CD.

You can read all about the beef here.

More importantly, I'm glad for the opportunity to make fun of the above photo. Some possible captions:

- "Kanye West and Evil Knievel settle dispute in rousing match of Rock Paper Scissors"

-"West and Knievel pose for new album entitled "He's the Arrogant Old Stunt Guy, I'm the Prissy Ego Maniacal Producer"

- "Out for Winter Fashion: Old White Guys in Native print button up shirts. In for winter fashion: Metrocentric black guys rocking purple, silk neck kerchiefs."

- "Knievel to West: I'm so stoned I can barely stand straight right now."

Note to reader: Is that a hooka pipe over Evil's right shoulder?

Add your own captions in comments.

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