Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Bye, Hello is no more, but luckily, there is a new place where local hip-hop artists and their friends can log on and chat with like-minded souls.

Say hello to, which launched a few weeks ago as a replacement to the popular site. Hacker issues and a general plan to revamp the site were at the heart of the site change. So far, the site is pretty bare (a banner bearing the words under construction greets viewers), but the message boards are up and running.

The boards were what kept people coming to the original site, and the street-connect boards continue in that vein.

"These forums were created as a place for those making music to be able to network and promote their material online," said Gypsy Avalos, the site administrator and designer. Avalos works with local rappers Gemini and Doom to maintain the sight. Both are pominent throughout the boards, posting the lion's share of entries to this point.

Good luck to the street-connect team and everyone checking out the sight. It's always a good thing when local residents invest time in community building like this.

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