Monday, February 12, 2007

The Dixie Chicks and Nelson from The Simpsons Collab at The Grammys

I really wanted it to be Mary J. Blige's night. And The Roots as well.

But Grammy awards night was all about those Dixie Chicks, and I guess I can't be too mad. After all, what it really was about was backing up three women who took a political stance against the war our nation's leader. You'd have to be a war monger to be mad at that.

Sunday was the first time I've watched the entire Grammy's award show program in a while. Awards shows have lost their luster with me - their too long and dull and predictable. But this year, I wanted to see if the Roots would win for best rap album. And I wanted Mary J. to own the night.

I didn't get what I wanted. I guess that's why I stopped watching awards shows a while ago. Sunday's show wasn't a complete wash. A few observations:

- The Police reunion was a good look. I love those guys.

- Mary J. had the show stopper of the night. Performing "Be Without You" backed by an orchestra, she tore it down. And her ghetto-girl greek chorus (homegirls were sanging and head bobbing with attitude) were hood fab. I kept telling my girl how much I love seeing Mary move her arms around like a rapper when she sings. She picked up her dress with her hand and it even looked like she was grabbing her nuts!

-Common got a nice dig at Kanye West when the pair presented the award for best rap album. "Everybody's tired of hearing you bitch when you lose," Com told his producer/label head. How many folks can get away with saying something like that to their boss?

- I wasn't too pleased with Ludacris winning for best rap album. Out of the nominees (Pharell, Roots, Lupe Fiasco and TI) Luda's was the weakest. I guess the academy liked Luca in "Crash" a whole lot.

- What was up with Xtina Aguilera doing the James Brown Tribute? Of all of the artists they could have chosen (Prince, Michael Jackson, D'Angelo, hell, even Usher) why did they choose her? How you gonna let the godfather of soul go out like that?

-The Dixie Chicks won everything (I'm glad they weren't nominated in best rap category, because they might have won). They celebrated with class (the one with the mouth managed to quote the Simpsons character Nelson, with a snarky but appropriate "ah-haa"), and you couldn't help but be happy for them.

It's gotta be hard for three Texas girls to be caught up in the middle of a national, political shit storm. I'm glad for the Dixie Chicks, even if they had to sand bag on my girl Mary J.

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