Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chelsie Hill of Pacific Grove introduced on "Push Girls"

Monterey Peninsula native Chelsie Hill was introduced to a national cable audience on Monday night's episode of "Push Girls" on The Sundance Channel.
In her introduction (embedded video above), Hill is greeted on the show by cast member Mia Schaikewitz. They are attending a dance recital by wheelchair-bound dancer Auti Angel.
In a voice-over, Schaikewitz explains that Angel first met Hill and introduced the Pacific Grove native to the cast.
“Now we’ve all taken her under our wings,” Schaikewitz said.
Hill’s story is explained briefly in a snap montage. A photo of Hill prior to her car accident
justapozed with a picture of her in the hospital.
“When I first met the girls, my first reaction was “Oh my gosh, you can be beautiful and be in a wheelchair,” Hill said in an aside.
“When I was in the hospital, I watched video of (Angel) dancing,” Hill explained. “I met (Angel) and then she introduced me to the girls. I’m definitely still learning my body right now. And being with the girls has definitely helped me a lot.”

During Angel's competition scenes, Hill shares some emotional anguish brought.
"I've been dancing since I was three. Going into the ballroom competition and seeing all those dancers brings back that feeling," Hill said,"like if I could just turn off my paralysis for two hours and dance, oh my gosh. I'd be the happiest person ever."
Hill will have a recurring role in the season's second half, according to a show spokesperson.
"Push Girls" airs Monday nights on The Sundance Channel. Check your cable provider's listings for show time.

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