Thursday, July 28, 2011

A week on Spotify and I'm hooked + early '90s playlist

I've spent a little over a week with my new Spotify account, and I am completely hooked.
Spotify is a European music streaming site that was launched stateside earlier this month. With a free subscription, music listeners have access to a library of 15 million+ full songs, including new albums on their release date.
To borrow from the company's parlance, it's like iTunes for free.
I have the software set up on my laptop, and I've spent a few hours already just exploring music and setting up playlists. The music loads and streams instantly. Playlists can be assembled with simple drag and drop motions.
Assembling playlists is fun because you are not limited to your home library (although you can upload and stream your personal music collection). The lists can stretch as wide as your imagination.
I have four public playlists right now, which are very specific: Early '90s hip-hop, '80s funk/soul/hip-hop, '80s pop, and mid-late '90s hip-hop. A fifth playlist is assembled from DJ Kazzeo's Wednesday Wreck playlist.
Anyone with a Spotify account can check out my Early '90s playlist here. In its current state, it features songs from Eric B & Rakim, Organized Konfusion, MC Breed and Brand New Heavies.
For those of you who have not received an invitation, sign up at
And for anyone who has a subscription, my Spotify account handle is marcos.cabrera.

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