Tuesday, January 11, 2011

“reAlisal” premiers Feb. 11 in Salinas

“reAlisal” is an ethnographic theatrical production conceived by Luis “xago" Juarez of Bay Area theatre troupe Headrush. It premiers Feb. 11 at The Breadbox Theatre, 745 North Sanborn Rd.
This staged reading centers around material gathered from interviews conducted with residents and community leaders from the Alisal community. Members of Headrush and Baktun 12 of Salinas conducted the interviews.

Full press release below with details.


Salinas, CA - January 11, 2011 — “reAlisal: Your Neighbors History” is a staged reading that was initiated by life-long residents of East Salinas, asking the question, “How does a community tell its own story?”

Focusing on the theme of land ownership, territories, and turf in East Salinas, a small team of researchers and performers from the groups Headrush and Baktun 12 have conducted extensive interviews among Alisal residents, employers, and public servants, with the intention of gathering the voices of the community to write a theatrical people’s history of the area that illuminates the political and social contradictions and human idiosyncrasies of this controversial and somewhat neglected heartland of California.

“reAlisal” is an ethnographic theatre reading of the Alisal community, as told through the lives of 30 individuals connected to the histories and major news stories of the area. It will uncover a diverse set of voices from the story of a neighborhood that has housed Okie farm workers who migrated from the Dust Bowl of the Midwest, to the more recent immigrant arrivals, who escaped the hardships of globalization in Southern Mexico and Central America.


“reAlisal” is sponsored by the Alisal Center for the Fine Arts (ACFA), which has conducted free art workshops for young artists of east Salinas.

ACFA's enduring accomplishments are directly attributable to a long succession of dedicated, conscientious, talented and thoroughly professional artists/workshop leaders. ACFA has provided innumerable young artists with skills, confidence, and hope and has encouraged
and enabled many of them to continue their education.

ACFA's goals are to provide arts instruction in East Salinas; to bring cultural events to the community; to produce cross-cultural events; to stimulate and foster community pride and participation in the arts; to promote the development of art forms and art production unique to the community; to attract residents from other areas to East Salinas activities; and to create a more positive image of the Alisal community.

Director Luis Juarez has worked with ACFA as a theatre instructor, and has written and directed several productions including “Bethlehem 93905,” and “Cero,” among others.

6 p.m. Fri Feb. 11; 1 & 6 p.m. Sat-Sun, Feb. 12-13.

6 p.m. Fri, Feb. 18; 1& 6 p.m. Sat, Feb. 19; 6 p.m. Sun, Feb. 20.

Free (donations accepted).

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