Saturday, March 06, 2010

Best Pictures Oscar Picks, ranked from 10 to 6.

T en movies are up for best picture at this year's Academy Awards.
That basically screams for a top 10 list.
Watching all 10 best picture nominees became a nice little mission for me. While I'm no film critic, I do love making lists.
So here is my ranking, (10 to 5 today, then 5-1 tomorrow)of the best picture nominees, with No. 1 standing as my prediction as the big winner for tonight's Academy Awards ceremony.
10. “A Serious Man”: r Joel and Ethan Coen are masters at tone and setting, and this drama about a Jewish family in early ’70s-era Minnesota captures the period and mood with excellence. Lead actor Michael Stuhlbarg is great as a nervous, put-upon patriarch. The ultra-slow pace mixed with a few too many Coen Brothers embellishments (meandering dialogue, crackpot caricature) keep “A Serious Man” from being a more serious contender. (more after the jump)

9. “An Education”: r Another period piece, this one set in ’60s-era England. Best actress nominee Carey Mulligan lives up to the hype as Jenny, a dashing, whip-smart school girl rebelling against strict parents and school officials. Peter Sarsgaard oozes with British charm as the older-age hustler who sweeps both Jenny and her parents off their feet. Not even an ultra cool soundtrack can help “An Education” stack up against the more potent best picture nominees.
8. “District 9”: r That other CGI sci-fi flick nominated for best picture, “District 9,” is a victim of post-“Avatar” backlash. Wherein “District 9” features a terrific story and gooey-great aliens, it simply pales in comparison to James Cameron's monsterpiece.
7. “Up”: r This deserves to win the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar. But if it wasn't for the expanded best picture field, “Up” probably wouldn't be here. Still, for all of its silly characters and pixelated production, “Up” is a moving and often sad film that proves just how effective computer-animated storytelling can be. And who can resist a film that features dogs playing poker?
6. “The Blind Side”: r Perhaps the biggest surprise of the field, “The Blind Side” is a good old fashion Hollywood story of uplift and redemption. Sandra Bullock glows as the ultimate do-good Christian mom. Her even-keeled performance works as she carries the movie and the cast. It's a good sign when a football movie with hardly any football action still makes you cheer.

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