Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gabriel Iglesias: A Fluffy Guy's Pain

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gabriel Iglesias earlier this week. Very funny, down to earth and accommodating guy.
The interview lasted about 45 minutes, quite long but not surprising. I previously wrote about what a nice guy Gabriel was in this post. His generosity with his time was
But what was surprising was the details he revealed in his life, particularly relating to his personal clashes with family members and his newfound understanding of how Hollywood stars can burn out so quickly.
"I don't judge anyone now," he said when talking about stories of entertainers resorting to alcohol and drug abuse.
Even the way that he revealed his secret struggles was a surprise. I asked him if 2009 was his most successful year to date. Career wise, it was the best. In terms of his personal life, it was the worst, he said.
Which goes to show that for all entertainers, the pressures of fame and stardom are often revealed when the lights shine brightest, when the crowd cheers loudest. A shame that someone as nice and personable as Gabriel has to endure it, but that's the breaks.
Interview transcript coming soon.
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