Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Jamielee Darley comes a close second in Victoria's Secret Model Search

The path to Victoria's Secret runway supermodel stardom was cut short for Jamielee Darley, as she came in second during the Victoria's Secret runway model search, part of the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
Darley was featured prominently during Tuesday night's broadcast despite her second place finish to winner Kylie Bisutti. During one photo shoot, a photographer marvelled at her well endowed figure.
"She had a good sense of how to manage that," commented the photographer.
"I'm living my dream" said Darley.
Darley even got to practice her walk on the runway, during the broadcast. During the live show, which was taped Nov. 19 in San Diego, Darley got a chance to walk on the runway. Her appearance was included in the national broadcast.
After the jump is a press release statement from Jamielee Darley following up the fashion show broadcast.

Press Release for Jamielee Darley, Victoria's Secret finalist

As many of you know Jamielee, made it to the top two finalists in the Victoria's Secret Model Search.
This competition started out with over 10,000 young women from all over america, and only a few of them were lucky enough to make it to the top 10. Jamielee, then made the cut from 10 to 5, and then to the final two finalists.
If you tuned in to the Victoria's Secret Runway show tonight on CBS, you are aware that Jamielee did not win the competition. However, she would like to thank all of those who supported, voted, and watched all the publicity leading up to the finale. Without all of america's votes, she wouldn't have stayed in the competition for all of this time.
Jamielee has been in the ride of her life, with the whirlwind of the last three weeks, and being a part of the Victoria's Secret competition. She has witnessed and taken part in one of most sought after fashion shows in the world.
What an honor it has been to take part in this ride, and learn from some of the best in the business. She wishes to thank america for all their support, what an honor it has been to be apart of this amazing opportunity.

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