Monday, October 12, 2009

John Cooper speaks @ Carmel Film & Art Festival

“The Beat” was in the house for the Friday night screening of “Precious” at The Golden State Theater in Monterey, as part of the Carmel Film & Art Festival.

Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper hosted the screening, introducing the film and moderating the Q&A with “Precious” director Lee Daniels and film star Paula Patton.

Here is a brief excerpt of Cooper's introduction (with more after the jump):

On why he chose to be curator of the Carmel Film & Art Festival:

“I really like to be at the beginning of something that is starting. That is what this feels like. You have so much opportunity to create something for yourselves.”

On his impressions of the Golden State Theater:
“This is like the best kept secret in California (applause). It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.”

On the movie “Precious”:

“We cull through close to 1000 American Films prior to selecting the finalist. We choose16 otal... This film came to us last year in January, and it won the Grand Jury prize and the Audience Award... We're looking at it to see what the new mythology of indie films is. It's a rigorous film. It even left me a little awe inspired... Experience this film for how it was meant to be experienced.”

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