Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy 80th B-Day Ree-Ree

On the occassion of Ree Brunell's 80th birthday, The Golden State Theater became a grand ballroom fit for a diva on Tuesday.

Brunell is a Monterey original, a singer and performer who has been tearing up stages for more than 60 years. Her 80th birthday party was a chance for her friends and loved ones to celebrate not only her born day, but her life and work.

Looking lean and mean in a black outfit and stunna shades, Ree-Ree was a queen hostess. An endless stream of guests lined up to take photos and offer up hugs and kisses, birthday wishes and love showers. The first time I went up to try and greet her, I waited almost 10 minutes and lost her in a flood of people.

Finally, after the well-wisher line had settled, Ree came up to me while I was munching on some appetizers.

“Marc, you made it,” she said. “There's plenty of food and drinks up and down. Have a good time, hon.”

Pure class.

I got to say, in the few years I've gotten to know Ree, I've come to understand that she is a caring, strong woman. She's endured health conditions, personal relationship drama, and the ups and downs of a career as a performer. Through it all, she's emerged as a fabulous woman full of grace and elegance.

Here's to you, Ree-Ree, a true lady and Monterey original.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it going.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Keep it going.

Marc Bryant said...

I love Ree-Ree
I've had the pleasure of performing with Ree in the Santa Cruz Follies. She is a class act, and a very nice person. Happy Birthday Ree.