Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rio Del Mar's Very Own Murs, Live in SC

Murs attended Cabrillo College? I did not know that.

Performing in his backyard of sorts, the charismatic Living Legends MC played to a pretty packed crowd Saturday night at The Catalyst. That's when he revealed his former residence in Rio Del Mar and status as a Seahawk.

Opening up with the lead track “Murs Day” from his collaborative album “Murray's Revenge” (with producer 9th Wonder), Murs got the crowd hype for the night. It was a nice jump off for a fast-paced showman who commands a stage with a smile and a wink.

Oh, and some really obscene lyrics. Murs is one of those underground bad boys who manages to be both sexed up and grass roots. One minute, he's lyrically exercising with the song “Fulfill The Dream” off the Felt album, the next he's inciting the crowd to yell the b-word on his raunchy tale “Bad Man.”

Through it all, Murs jumped around, smiled a lot, and played the "aww shucks" card with equal aplomb. And then he gave a shout out to his old stomping grounds.

“This is like where it all started...I came from a place along Highway 1 called Rio Del Mar and I was a student at Cabrillo College,” Murs said as the crowd erupted with cheers. Flashing that winning smile, you could tell he was touched by the moment.

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