Sunday, March 05, 2006

Pretty F***** Awesome: Three 6 Mafia wins an Oscar

So, hip-hop won. It wasn't pretty, but the music won on Sunday.

Three 6 Mafia, a group of savage rappers from Memphis, Tennessee, some of the most original, stay-true artists in hip-hop, took home the oscar for best song on Sunday night for their jam "It's So Hard Out Here For a Pimp," and they did it with beguiling style and class.

Not that you'd expect some brothers who have been in the game for 13 years to act an a** on live television, but this is the Oscars we're talking about here. And this is Three 6 Mafia, authors of such bugged out, rowdy and mysoginistic fare as "Tear da Club Up" and "Late Night Tip," both songs off their 1997 album "When The Smoke Clears," which was a CD my neighbor homie Diego would bump non-stop.

I thought these guys were clowns at the time, but their music bumped, and folks were listening back then in my hood.

On Sunday, they stole the show for a quick second. It was fun to watch.

They thanked their mommas and George Clooney. The showed genuine pride and accomplishment without being cheesey or over the top. And everyone watching was genuinely proud of them for it.

And their performance (which u can view here), although cluttered at times, used the appropriate theatrics. A mini "Pimp Revue" strode across stage, with hoes and the men who pimp them dancing in slow motion, like the "screwed-up" style of slowed down beats that is popular in the south.

And who knew Taraji P. Henson could really blow. She gave "It's So Hard Out Here For a Pimp" so much soul, you wanted to slap your own a**. That girl can sang.

All in all, it's a cool accomplishment for some Tennessee boys who grinded non-stop and are now achieving unimagineable success. Like Stewart said, it's still 3-6 Mafia 1 oscar, Martin Scorcessee 0.

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